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I just moved into apartment and bought this great value 32 " TV.I go to turn it on Im directed to a webiste whihc I can not find.

Suddenly a chat person pops into my screen and asks me for the code on the TV. Next Im asked for personal information and a fee of $69.95? What is Walmart doing. I dont have extra money and NOWHERE WAS A SIGN STATING THE ACTIVATION FEE TO TRUN ON THIS DEVICE.

Shame on Walmart for this deception, I am returing this thing and will not shop at Walmart.

I could barely afford the TV and then get this surprise.The autmated chat person constantly staed the TV can not be turned on till we activate it wth the fee of $69.95

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The TV you bought from walmart had nothing to do with your Roku it was a scam same thing happen to me charged me 69.99 but i did some digging and found out there is no charge to activate your roku first i called the maker of the tv and they gave me the right number for roku so you might want to try that just thought i would put that info out there hope it works for you did get my money back GOOD LUCK

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