I never complain on websites like these but I am FURIOUS at the moment!!! Bought a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, but everything on Roku said cannot commect due to HDCP!

WTF?! My tv is brand new. I spent hours unplugging and restarting the crap. Then sat on the phone with their “customer service” which is obviously some idiot in a foreign country who was raised by a mountain goat.

I got so frustrated I returned it and bought the downgraded version assuming the issue might be my tv. I downgraded to the regular hd Roku Streaming Stick... SAME PROBLEM!!! Actually worse because install took forever, had to reset the device multiple times...

STILL DOESN’T WORK. I have a masters degree in computer sciences... IF I CAN’T GET THIS TO WORK THERE IS A PROBLEM. DO NOT BUY ROKU!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Stick.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LOL Masters degree??!! While I do agree the Roku sucks.

For sure the handshaking problems are A.

with your HDMI cables or B you're using an input on your TV that doesn't support it. It may have 4 HDMI's but I promise you only 1 or 2 can do HD60 or HDR.


Your response is on intelligent please try again...


You are WRONG. I had an old Roku connected in the same way (HDMI cable) to the same tv on the same port and located in the same location as the new one I had to purchase if I wanted to continue watching Netflix.

After giving them all types of info (credit card, email, …) that they didn't already have (or require) with the old box (BTW: In order to continue the installation that info was required) the new POS box DOES NOT WORK. At least, it doesn't work in any practical way. The picture quality, when I could get a picture, was beyond awful, totally unwatchable. Even then, it would stop (i.e., buffer) and reload within minutes of starting.

I concur with every bad review I've read here so far. At least I now know it isn't 'just me' as "they" seem to try to make me believe.


Scammmm!!! Do Not Buy ROKU !!!


Agree customer services suck they just hang up the phone on us when ask them a simple ? DO NOT BUY !!!


I agree. Awful


Roku movies don’t download or play


I don't like ROKU either. Mainly because of the logically retarded menus.

Millennial engineering without a doubt.

As far as the the Computer Scientist with the masters degree, he sounds typical of these collegiate *** DHCP is the auto IP addressing on your wireless router. You sound like the trailer-trash *** that get pissed off because their magic-jack doesn't work without internet access.


So let's get this right. Having a degree makes you a d.o.u.c.h.e.

Being "trailer-trash" (improperly placed hyphen you illiterate jamoke) is also a bad thing. Lemme guess.

You're always the smartest guy in the room, tho you never made it past your blue-collar-insult-everyone-who-aint-me strata. You, sir, are in the right place, a fix-it forum, because YOU ARE A TOOL.


OMG . You have a masters degree in computer science and can’t set up a Roku ? Get the neighborhood 10 year old kid to come in and do it for you .


How conceited are you? The fact that you have a Master’s degree in Computer Science does not qualify you to be an expert end-user in that particular application.

Did you program the software?

Do you fully understand electronics? I agree that the Roku interface is *** but I just loathe people like you with your linear and tunnel vision personality!


Why is it conceited to note one's computer-associated degree when complaining about a computer-related problem? Whatsa matta punkin, did you drop out before you could get your degree?

Never made it to college at all?

Or is your left wing just jabbing you in the brain? Get over it snowflake; it was a perfectly reasonable comment to illustrate a point.


Bought a Vizio 55" and a Roku Streaming Stick. Both worked flawlessly....

in Ohio. When I moved this week to Raleigh, North Carolina, nothing. At first it couldn't get past the home screen with all the channels and kept saying that the channels' servers were down. All 98 of them???

I went through ALL the steps of restarting, resetting to factory specs, restarting the routers and TV and everything else... and it gets stuck on the software update with the error code of 003. Wasted an hour with tech support chatline and was told to reset the router. When I did and came back, "Grey" was gone.

"Karthi" took over 30 minutes later and told me to "wait two hours and try again. Our engineers are aware of the issues. Please wait two hours and try again." This is Friday night and I've been having this issue since Tuesday evening. Called tech support and got Firestone Autocare, who said he's been getting calls all day for Roku.

Found another number and got a muffled Foreigner.

Hung up and tried again and was told to leave a message because they are experiencing an "unusually high call volume." Really? Maybe I'll go with Amazon.


Who is karthi


Agreed. The HDCP issues have been a disaster for a long time.

Their favorite suggestion is to buy a new HDMI cable. Ignoring the fact that you have a brand new HDMI cable. I have 2 Roku's.

One is completely unusable, and the other one is temperamental. I love online streaming services, but the Roku is not the device you want to use for accessing them.


Especially you try to stream Nashville Predators live on NHL to watch live game including football game


yes i too brought a roku tv thinking it would a lease have one good app to watch movies but no !! many movie apps, which all comes with adds 1 to 3 adds really sucks and if you call customer service they don't help




For which religion is Roki "praying" on the poor? Hopefully, in one that we would recognize and approve of.

@Dona Yja

When you're going to criticize someone's syntax, your own should pristine. Stop being a ***

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