I never complain on websites like these but I am FURIOUS at the moment!!! Bought a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, but everything on Roku said cannot commect due to HDCP!

WTF?! My tv is brand new. I spent hours unplugging and restarting the crap. Then sat on the phone with their “customer service” which is obviously some idiot in a foreign country who was raised by a mountain goat.

I got so frustrated I returned it and bought the downgraded version assuming the issue might be my tv. I downgraded to the regular hd Roku Streaming Stick... SAME PROBLEM!!! Actually worse because install took forever, had to reset the device multiple times...

STILL DOESN’T WORK. I have a masters degree in computer sciences... IF I CAN’T GET THIS TO WORK THERE IS A PROBLEM. DO NOT BUY ROKU!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Stick.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree this company and their products are the worst. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get assistance with my ROKU.

This company is totally unresponsive. Even corporate headquarters can't be reached.

The whole company is probably run by incompetent robots. I will NEVER buy one of their products again.




Did you mean DHCP?


Yeah Roku is laughably terrible. It’s so bad I will watch a YouTube documentary on my phone before using Roku.

Trying to navigate Netflix is like a stop action paradoy of modern technology. Don’t try to get help with any of your issues. The only advice anyone can give is that Roku is so screwed in the head, you have to unplug everything and restart the device pretty much every 4-5 days to get it to function somewhat normally. That’s not the worst of it though.

You say you went to school for CS? Check some of the IPs that are connecting with your Roku. They’re from China. So not only is it crap, it’s also hacked, and probably a danger to your network.

And I have a custom built router. We didn’t have traffic from China until Roku. Backdoor, for sure. That is probably why so many people have so many loading issues and network issues.

This product is a danger to consumer’s privacy and network security, and it’s also frustratingly crippled as a piece of technology. I don’t know why someone hasn’t made memes yet about just how bad Roku is.


I wish I read this before experiencing the same.


Same frustration


BTW, is text on screen while watching an MP4 a 'thing' on any Roku?. I'm TRULY amazed at how *** this ROKU TV MP4 player is.


I wish I read this before I bought a Roku TV from Best Buy on Black Friday


Bought different versions and it always breaks down and always glitchy I will never buy a roku device ever again


Same thing


Why do I need warm bodies, the gambler, Ernest movies seriously, da vinci code.....roku step your game up because you have ALOT of competition at your door and plenty more coming


Explain to me why most months it's amazing and I love the fact that I bought my tv for the fact it comes with roku as long as I pay for wifi....yet April 2019 it seems like a person in 1950 picked the movies


Amen and amen. I have 3 Roku tv's and they all have Roku suckage...


LOL Masters degree??!! While I do agree the Roku sucks.

For sure the handshaking problems are A.

with your HDMI cables or B you're using an input on your TV that doesn't support it. It may have 4 HDMI's but I promise you only 1 or 2 can do HD60 or HDR.


Your response is on intelligent please try again...


You are WRONG. I had an old Roku connected in the same way (HDMI cable) to the same tv on the same port and located in the same location as the new one I had to purchase if I wanted to continue watching Netflix.

After giving them all types of info (credit card, email, …) that they didn't already have (or require) with the old box (BTW: In order to continue the installation that info was required) the new POS box DOES NOT WORK. At least, it doesn't work in any practical way. The picture quality, when I could get a picture, was beyond awful, totally unwatchable. Even then, it would stop (i.e., buffer) and reload within minutes of starting.

I concur with every bad review I've read here so far. At least I now know it isn't 'just me' as "they" seem to try to make me believe.


Scammmm!!! Do Not Buy ROKU !!!


Agree customer services suck they just hang up the phone on us when ask them a simple ? DO NOT BUY !!!


I agree. Awful


Roku movies don’t download or play

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