I never complain on websites like these but I am FURIOUS at the moment!!! Bought a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, but everything on Roku said cannot commect due to HDCP!

WTF?! My tv is brand new. I spent hours unplugging and restarting the crap. Then sat on the phone with their “customer service” which is obviously some idiot in a foreign country who was raised by a mountain goat.

I got so frustrated I returned it and bought the downgraded version assuming the issue might be my tv. I downgraded to the regular hd Roku Streaming Stick... SAME PROBLEM!!! Actually worse because install took forever, had to reset the device multiple times...

STILL DOESN’T WORK. I have a masters degree in computer sciences... IF I CAN’T GET THIS TO WORK THERE IS A PROBLEM. DO NOT BUY ROKU!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Stick.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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All these comments confirm my suspicions that roku sucks. Have a nice day.


I'm totally done with Roku. I've had three that have worked well for a short time, and then remote just stops communicating with the stick.

You have to do everything but stand on your head to get it to operate. Bought my last one this Spring (2019).

By October, it disconnects within minutes, requiring constant re-pairing of the remote to the stick. What's a good alternative?


I should of bought Roku it’s hard to get what I want should stayed with Mediacom I know they suck to there easy not so complicated a waste of money for roku


Your so right. I will be returning it. It’s a pos


Masters degree? In CS? Not likely, you can't even spell.


Mine freezes and reboots constantly


Roku *** sucks because they will no longer support Netflix on older remotes: because they want money for newer Rokus. We live on a finite planet with finite resources, and they only care about making money. *** Roku.


Roku devices have issues their own engineers can't fix, it was relevant you mentioned your qualifications. This company is substituting lemons with oranges for a lower price and most consumers are too gullible to realize.


I bought the premier about a year ago and until about 2 months ago I did not have any problems. Now it won’t stop talking, can’t sign into to any of the streaming channels, it keeps wanting me to sign in to Hulu and I don’t have or want a Hulu membership.

What the heck is goin* on.

I’ll need to f8nd another way to watch streaming channels. I spent $99 and it’s junk


Roku tries so hard to gather consumers info, it's screwing theirs product.


i have to agree,, there is no one 5to answer questions about this, and if they do they will charge you


I have a Roku player that is a piece of junk. I wish I never bought it .


My ROKU constantly freezes. It happens every day, every hour, every channel.

Their website offers no help. Absolutely no support. ROKU sucks. Doesn’t happen on Spectrum.

Doesn’t happen on iPhone.

Doesn’t happen on iPad. Only on ROKU.


I purchased a roku and had the same problems.I returned it the same night.Do not buy one of their products.


I agree.. supposed to have all this free stuff BUT MUST ADD CREDIT CARD before it will install!!!


Just bought it today went to install it on my TV said gave me same error code twice called cust service they said I entered multiple times they then said I can only activate it using a computer not my smartphone told them to rewrite the instructions. Then they said they would have to charge me to activate it I said your policy says no fees for activation told them I wanted to speak to a senior supervisor guess what that's what he said he was then I said I would like to speak to a junior supervisor and he was that too. Will be getting my money back from Walmart tomorrow.


I completely agree. Roku is a piece of crap.


And, good luck with customer support. They are worthless


LoL, you are playing my song. The first time I called because I couldn't get the thing to connect.

I must have repeated my four letter install code eight time including phonetically and she still didn't get it. She ended up hanging up on me. It's a pathetic "4K" picture with garbled sound and their remote control is similar to a kids toy.

Don't buy one of these pieces of crap, get a descent Smart TV. I did return mine and got my money back.


Agree, Roku is garbage

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