I never complain on websites like these but I am FURIOUS at the moment!!! Bought a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, but everything on Roku said cannot commect due to HDCP!

WTF?! My tv is brand new. I spent hours unplugging and restarting the crap. Then sat on the phone with their “customer service” which is obviously some idiot in a foreign country who was raised by a mountain goat.

I got so frustrated I returned it and bought the downgraded version assuming the issue might be my tv. I downgraded to the regular hd Roku Streaming Stick... SAME PROBLEM!!! Actually worse because install took forever, had to reset the device multiple times...

STILL DOESN’T WORK. I have a masters degree in computer sciences... IF I CAN’T GET THIS TO WORK THERE IS A PROBLEM. DO NOT BUY ROKU!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Stick.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My Ruko T.V. worked for a total of 6 months and they have no REAL service department!!!!

Every place i went just offered 0 help!!!! NOTHING this is criminal. They need to come with a warning lable!!!!

I should have kept my old T.V. at least it worked!!!!


They suck!! No customer service!! Do no buy!!


*****- I'm an Engineer. Done support for 20+. What a scam .BURN YOUR ROKU!


"I have a masters degree in computer sciences" sound bar [or amp] -> tv , your between devices need support passthrough or HDCP. if you connect Roku over HDMI, ur HDMI cable must support HDCP. I don't know how u get your degree, but first, you need to learn how to google "HDCP" on StackOverflow and Reddit.


Roku stick SUCKS!! Constantly needs to re connect to internet, needs a freaking PIN to download apps, and needs to be un plugged and replugged all the time to show picture. My fire stick blows this piece of junk away


Cuts off pluto ever few min. Must be on left vews


I agree. Roku sucks


Customer service is terrible


Hackers go into our Roku and got my mom for $299 luckily the bank gave her the money back. Once I got into our system they were able to go through the Roku box first and then into our internet system the hackers got into everything.

It's my understanding that Roku boxes are extremely easy for hackers to break into and we are a prime example not only did they get in there once but they got in there twice the second time almost getting me for $99. In the end we had to go to our internet provider people's and get them to go through the server and delete any portals that they didn't recognize that should be there related to our internet box.

I agree not to buy Roku they will not guarantee that hackers can't get into their systems. It makes me wonder are they part of it?


The roku controller is horrible, it is extremely fragile,A single drop,and it stops working, even if I put new batteries in it, extremely low quality, I suggest they stop being lazy about their products


roku sucks cause no browser mode


Fixed my Roku problems with 3 4k firesticks.ROKU REALLY SUCKS!


Doing the same!


I have the same problems with my ROKU. It constantly freezes. It is crap.


i agree completely, constantly crashes, have to unplug wait replug and then pair it again. I HATE ROKU


I just found out that Roku has not continued their agreement with Google for YouTube TV... and therefore as 0f 5/17... I have a TV that I will never be able to use YouTube TV as my streaming source.


he is a rascist


I wish I had researched Roku before purchasing their streaming stick with remote. The remote's mute function and volume control suddenly stopped working for no reason at all...at least no reason on my end.

One must assume it is some sort of glitch with Roku technology. Anyway, I contacted them via email (the only way...they don't even offer chat with a customer service rep) and eventually they indicated that they would send me a new remote. Well, that was almost 2 weeks ago and no remote has been sent. They give no reason, they just say it is taking longer than expected to ship a new remote.

Huh???? My advice to anyone is do not purchase any Roku product or service.

If you do you will be on your own as far as any kind of tech support or trouble shooting. A very bad company to deal with, I regret it 100%.


Yes same here. ROKU need to get into another business. I


Roku is an exceptionally dishonest & disreputable company. They don't care about their customers.

They push out untested software updates, and treat bug reports casually (as if affected customers are making suggestions). The company seems to have no integrity. They blame the tv makers -- while pushing out a buggy update for MONTHS. Roku doesn't let customers test updates.

Nor does it let customers opt out of an update (and stay with the software version that worked for them).

This is really the kind of thing you wouldn't believe unless you saw it for yourself. It all boils down to integrity (a lack of).

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