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Update by user Apr 21, 2015

I did get one follow up from them after I had emailed them about the problems and was told that they will make an exception this time and email me a prepaid mailing label.Which I never received!

I emailed them back saying the 4-5 dollars wasn't the issue. Being without it for a month and being treated as a *** was.

It's bee about 2 weeks have heard nothing from them.Must be policy aggravate the customer so they go elsewhere and don't have to replace equipment.

Original review posted by user Apr 21, 2015

My name Steve day I am having same issue I spent an hour the first night with them pushing every button they had over and over.Finally I was told it was broke dug!

It was 42 days old he said take it back to the store so I did told no Roku takes care of it. Call them back And the guy said yes I see it. Puts me on hold forever comes back said his supervisor said try a few things so plug it back in and started. To do all the same things I said wait I did all this he said his supervisor said, I said no I'm not doing anymore, let me talk to her.

On hold forever again. He comes back and says she's busy but insist we do this. I said no we're not I've already done it twice now I'm done. Puts me on hold again.

20 min this time he says she said she'll replace it. I said OK got my information, I had to spell buffalo 6 times he said what country is that I'm like USA. Oh what state I said New York how do you spell this.NY. I said what do I do with old one.

He said new one comes there will be a return slip. I said OK. So I get an email saying that when they receive the broken one after 3-5 days they will mail a new one to me. Now that's over With month without it.

And they have a return address of Bussalo , I'm like really so call back again ask for supervisor, had to fight to talk to her she finally gets on the phone with attitude and again wants to try a few things. I said no way I have for over 2 hours. Explain about the waiting time and what else could be done was told nothing that's how it is. Hung up went to Walmart bought a Sony blu-ray player that does everything that this stick did plus plays DVD and blu-ray.

Have more options and faster for 69.98 I paid 49.95 for there piece of ***. 20.00 more for alot more, I won't deal with a company that doesn't stand behind there product. It's like they tried everything to not replace it. I still have it.

Not worth the activation to get it. I ordered another Sony from eBay on sale for 59.95 same thing.

So why buy something that does so little that is so aggravating.Look around

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of media player. Roku needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned media player in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Roku.

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