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I have Netflix, and Hulu. The format for each is different for each type of device; i.e.

pc, Xbox 360, smart phone, Roku, etc., I get that. But the Roku format is just haneous. On Netflix It won't autoplay the next episode in a series, but on Hulu it will. Both Netflix and Hulu have just a terrible rw/ff feature, and while every other format has a "continue watching" section, Roku does not!

And God forbid you should accidentally bump or even just graze one of the buttons on the Roku remote, because it will take you out of whatever you're watching, and take you to either the home screen, or one of the other channels, such as Amazon, Blockbuster, etc.. I finally got so fed up with that, I took a small knife and removed those channel buttons. I will NEVER purchase another Roku product again.

No, really, I just can't say enough bad things about it. ;)

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Media Player.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Roku is garbage. No customer service or tech support at all- it is always down. Don’t waste your money on this low end technology


I watch Netflix on my ROKU and it auto plays the next show in the series for me.

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