Granted, my Roku 3 is out of warranty, but who expects such a device to fail in a few years? With each firmware upgrade, the information demanded by Roku has become increasingly invasive.

Roku's quality has gone into the toilet, and I wonder why Roku needs such information to provide an allegedly free service. Be careful, Roku loads junk channels which are actually subscription services such as Showtime, and requests your credit card information to activate such services. Yes, you can opt out but in my opinion ads for these subscriptions should not be in any part of the online registration. Why is it a piece of junk?

Because after only a few years it failed and previous versions (such as an old 2 which is still running at another location), and the CEO has made it virtually impossible to contact him (Anthony Wood). What is he hiding? Perhaps the poor quality of the Roku 3 embarrasses him so he has to hide behind anonymity. I have a 1978 Denon PMA-630 integrated amplifier - 40 years old - and it still functions flawlessly.

Maybe Mr. Wood needs to have his engineers consult with Denon to learn how to build electronic devices that pass the test of time instead of building cheap junk that fails in a few years. The Roku is far less sophisticated and there is no reason something so simple should fail when not abused. If I were you I would look elsewhere and not buy a single Roku product and I intend to report my experience with Roku to my 3,300+ facebook friends and my spouse's 12,000 + Twitter and facebook followers and friends and assure Roku (should they read this review), it will cost them far more in lost business than simply replacing my unit free of charge.

Roku may send an RMA to me, Ed Scherer, c/o GypsyQueens, LLC, at 3515 Clipper Mill Road, Ste.

B, Baltimore Maryland 21211. I would have written him directly instead of using this review if Roku would make his information available to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku 3 Streaming Media Player.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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