We bought a Netgear NTV200 media player from Best Buy so we could access Netflix streaming movies from a second tv. After failing to get results after two hours, we returned the unit to Best Buy and resorted to purchase the Roku 2 XD standard media player for $30 more.

The connection with the Roku 2 XD hooked up fine but it wouldn't give us service until we logged onto the Roku website to enter the product code. Thats fair enough, but we were astonished that it required for us to supply our credit card number in order to finalize the initial set up. We did not spend half the day running back and forth to Best Buy returning and purchasing products for this ridiculousness. We paid $80 for this unit, and the Roku company wants more...OUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

Unfortunately for Roku and Best Buy, we returned the unit for a refund simply for this act of greed by the Roku company.

If I purchased your product, you have no right to request my credit card number to pass go, therefore you lost that sale...by the way, Best Buy should be aware of this problem and caution their customers when pushing their products. Shame on you too, Best Buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Streaming Media Player.

Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

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Agree. There is an ALTERNATE URL with an option to bypass cc info.

But the fact that this option is not available on the regular url is despicable. Roku website claims that cc info is "for your convenience" but the fact that the option to bypass is not there makes it clear this is a marketing ploy. Which in turn makes their statement about convienence condescending. You were right to return your roku.

If mine were not bought so long ago, I would too. The people at roku are *** pigs who will never get another cent of my money.


Shame on you best buy and walmart. You should let your customer know about it.

Roku is playing game with the customer.

Roku found a way to steal our credit card.






Just bought the streaming stick and hooked it up. Now it wants my credit card number or PayPal to actually work?

WTF? Why doesn't it say that on the *** box?


very happy others are outraged at this as I am....furthermore ALL REVIEWS for Roku from the bigger websites and even hipsaavy Engadget.com, have nothing but adulation and praise for all the Roku boxes; even though none of them offer DLNA support to view your own files on your TV from your PC...Not one of these in praise reviewers mentions how most consumers who want to be aware where their money and cc info go, not so much as mention absolutely no work around for adding CC information... It's a must or you don't use their media box....

In all seriousness ppl believe this is nothing but greed on part of Roku...

not me, more sinister than that; I think they want to verify who the person is that's mainly using their device.. w that confirmation they can then sell your information, what movies you like, music, interests etc etc... to whomever they like or keep it to analyze and sell you more ***... and if they sell it they can add the punch that they are selling info on verified ppl.

So yeah I guess it's greed but they could also bleed useless info to big brother... even if a fraction of a fraction is useful to them that's worth tax payers dollars.. Not!....I know more rediculous C. theories right?

Do you really believe they aren't head over heels chit deep in throwing a microchip in every american... and the world??? That plans never changed... they just need to keep showing us how in danger our children are without them and we will be begging them to chip All of us!!

..... Lol...cheers folks


I have the same issue, got their new streaming stick go to set it up and they ask for a credit card and get this, I was going to break down and set it up on my paypal account however when they send the link to pay, it's not going directly to paypal on a secure send it is going through their servers FIRST ! They can see your password and account info BEFORE they forward it to paypal. Stay far far away they are crooks and this is going back to Target tomorrow !


Ditto its time these companies start treating us as the comsumer and not thier B&%$hs. "Your credit card info is save with us"... sure so was it a Target.


Think before you act, read before you purchase. CC is required if you want to make on-line purchases, and if you don't want to give one then contact support -- they will setup one for you. :zzz


Just found out today, they will no longer set up an account without a CC number. Adios Roku, hello Apple TV


my two today they toolmy no longer set up an account i will retur my roku to bestbuy


no they dont set up no more


***. Not stated on box so how would one know this before the purchase? Before you start posting your Proverb type messages, why don't you walk in my shoes.


I went thru the same thing Roku and the credit card. They want it in case I make an on-line purchase with it.

There is no need for this as you can sign up with your computer to any of these on line services and pay the way you normaly would.

From what I have read the older Roku's did not ask for credit cards. They have no business doing so.

Returned to walmart.


I bought a ROKU XD on 12-17-2012 and encountered the same demand for a crcd account in order to activate the device. Just in the possibility that I would like to order one of the paid services.

That was only the start of the anguish. As it turned out; their device has video compatibility problems using1080p output to our 4yr old 1080p $$$ projector.

Back to wallyworld it went. Adios ROKU.


We have owned many Roku devices for the past few years. Overall, they work pretty well.

The main problem we find is that whenever Roku updates the firmware, menu formats, caption feature, the current Roku device cannot use/see/access the updated features.

Therefore, users are required to buy the latest, greatest device in order to view the channels, programs, or features that are now available. Sigh.

Reminds me of Apple. I believe the corporate philosophy here is: planned obsolescence.


After we got our refund from best buy we bought the RCA streamer for netflix at walmart and it was cheaper. Easy set up and cheaper and no request for credit card.

Good for you Lou of NY that you didn't have the credit card glitch. It doesn't mean it didn't happen.


I had exactly the same experience and feelings toward Roku and Best Buy. I'm returning the Roku to Best Buy tomorrow because I refuse to give Roku my credit card number for their "free" service.

I'll work with video vendors like Netflix separately, not through Roku.

My Sony streamer and Panasonic Blu-ray with streaming didn't ask for my credit card, so I was not prepared for that requirement from Roku. And Best Buy should have warned me about that.


Funny, I have had Roku for over a year, and was never asked to give a CC #. I now have 2 Roku players I am so happy with it.

The only time they need a CC #, is if you are planning subscribing to some of the apps that charge a very minimum fee, or for games. Never had to call to activate either - just went on the website.


tellmy how i call and went to tha website and i need a cc#


I have had roku 1 for longer than a year and never had a problem. I don't recall being asked to give credit card # (I don't have one) when I first set it up.

Although I did set the payment for PayPal on roku website.

I have never paid for anything thru roku. I have netflix, hulu, wwe network, and few more.

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