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Hi guys, i was almost a victim of these scammers. They were trying to charge me $50 to get my tv roku to work.

I told them ill think about it. Then i called again. I was told theres an $80 fee to set an account to roku. I was very disappointed.

I told them, ill think about it. I called again and explain that roku tv does not charge at all, so why charge me. They argued that its only a one time fee. They took my like my adress, email, fullname, phone number, bank account.

And i got very suspicious. I hung up. I asked a friend to help me out, he called the customer service from the booklet that comes with the tv, and he was guided on what to do without paying a dime. My tv now works.

Guys dont get scam, there is a number online.

Do not use that number. Go with the number from the booklet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Technical Support.

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"Smart TV"? Dunno.

Sony Panasonic, LG 55" now.

Godda read up.

We're a bit slower in Canada, but now we have moron Prime Minister trading on his family name. But Ottawa can't ignore POTUS Trump!!


Canada set the hallmarks in telephony/telecommunications 100 + yrs ago. The first phone call by Alexander G Bell in 1874 then "long distance" like 20 miles, from his home in Brantford, Ontario.

Getting jerked around by 'Bell ExpressVu' satellite swervice ( I had 5 Receivers stacked under our piano, they all worked but getting kicked off 10, 30 50 X every day and every one, identical to the 6th the "Customer Swervice " laughed when I called to cancel.

in Unison, they guffawed. I with held a card, sold it and took delight at that. Redirected to India? OMG the cacophony...


Never again.


my neighbour had a Roku 2, 6 days since it is roadkill. Junk.


I threw my Roku in the garbage years ago, after dealing with their *** customer service. Best decision I ever made! Just buy a smart TV next time.

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