I can not just go to a television channel you have to scroll up or down until you get to the channel you want. If i am watching channel 6 and my next program is on channel 23 i have to SCROLL and SCROLL until i get to the channel.

I want a remote control that has the same controls but ALSO NUMBERS so you can go to the channel by pushing the numbers instead of SCROLLING Does ROKU make a different remote control with numbers? If so, where can i go to purchase the remote control I look forward to a response...dolletta@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Roku Remote.

Reason of review: remote control.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Agreed. the Roku remote on the Premiere + is primitive!

Plus the 1-touch control doesn't work to change input and Roku says there is no support for this (and no FAQs or articles about it). Terrible customer service!


In summary, no there is no remote available like that as far as I know.

Sounds like u are using an app like sling tv or pluto to watch tv. Roku doesn’t make those apps, so they won’t be designing a remote to work specifically with them.

It’s up to the app maker to make sure their apps work with the hardware, not the other way around.

I use sling tv, and they let u save your most frequently watched channels to “favorites”. Using this feature will go a long way to reduce scrolling. I think pluto may have a similar feature but you may have to create an account with them before you can use it.

I’m not really sure about that. Good luck.

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