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I ordered a replacement remote for one of my several Roku devices on August 27, 2016. The company happily debited my checking out for the price but than did nothing. No confirmation of the purchase/(theft of my money). . . no tracking number. . . no evidence of anything except the company's theft of my money. Called support (probably Bangalore from the voices I was getting. The first girl's accent was so thick that she repeatedly said my email... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 13
  • #918253

Wanted to charge 1999 for support Reno supervisor

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So I purchase the roku 3500 Streaming stick.......biggest mistake ever made. For a whole weekend could not get the thing to work 009 error code then the unit lockup with a purple screen. I brought the FireTV stick a while back it took me less than ten minutes to get it up. The Roku there is no manual to input static IP address (dump design). Got in touch with the chat page. They had me change my dns, power down my router and AP unplug my sticks... Read more

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I fixed this by disconnecting roku. SM - Rodney AlimRoku Streaming Professional SM - Rodney Alim Hi mike williams, how can I help? mike williams I just installed roku 3 today and it works fine. however, i also have cable and want to watch that as well. I can't disable roku to get to cable. I turned off power strip but now cable won't come on. SM - Rodney Alim Thank you for choosing Roku. Let me assist you in this chat. What seems to be the... Read more

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Any customers should double check their bank statements. Never, ever trust Roku, INC. with your credit/debit card information. In July of 2016, Roku double charged my bank card for my HBO Now subscription. I noticed it almost immediately and contacted customer support through their online chat. I expected an apology and a quick refund, but all I have gotten from them is a run around and a migraine. The first support representative told me it... Read more

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I've called Roku's customer service numerous times over the last two years. I bought a defective stick and instead of offering to replace it two years ago each time I call I'm told to reset the stick. I'm tired of having to do this and having to relog into every account each time this happens which is about once a week. I've called you guys so many times and each time I'm told to reset the stick, this isn't a helpful suggestion. Roku should... Read more

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Read this before you buy a Roku. You want a cast stick to cast videos , photo etc from your droid to your TV and maybe even watch something non-mainstream like Putlocker ? Roku is NOT what you need. I know Chromecast has bad signal and you may be fed up with "searching for chromecast" , but Roku is worse. Roku DOES NOT OPEN without login, code and ,mind you , YOUR BANK CARD DETAILS. Without giving your bank card details it does not boot, nor... Read more

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I purchased a roku stick twice in the past , both being defective. All Roku will do is send me the send model #3500 which has given me problems in the past. They would not send me the newer updated version even if i offered to pay an extra amount ? They have poor customer relation skills and should learn how to keep customers happy. DONE BUY THIS JUNK . THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS OUT THERE. AMAZON FIRE STICK FOR INSTANCE. PLUS AFTER I LEFT NEGATIVE... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 23
  • #887443

The remote won't communicate with the base station. What a pain in the ***!

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 18
  • #884812

My hdmi female inlet pushed inside the it's just a rattler roku 3

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