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  • Customers like
    • Having netflix and hulu 2
    • Easy installation 2
    • Watching a lot of free tv 1
  • Customers don't like
    • Customer service 10
    • Losing connection all the time 4
    • Roku server issues 4

l turn on my roku and had to reset time and time again it even shows when your roku is not working so you would think when they view it they would fix it,l was on the phone for 22 min and still waiting l sent email still no help,Finley l fix it no thanks to Roku,but all my programs was ripe clean ,l am not a happy camper with their results what does it do to have a service where you are on the computer trouble shooting yourself ?what are the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Roku
  • May 02
  • #840358

Brand new Roku2 would not connect to wifi. Error MSG said it was network. Spent an hour with Comcast to no avail. They said it was a Roku problem. Called Roku and they said it was a Comcast problem. Roku said it could be fixed for $199 for a year. I said no and he said they have a $149 year plan. When I tried another reset, they hung up. Roku gets returned tomorrow Add comment

Purchased a Roku device with the understanding I could get my money back if it didn't work. It doesn't work as advertised . . . it claims to be able to stream live feeds from sources like Fox News . . . it can't. However, when you want to simply return it they claim its an issue with their distributor, not them, so its just kind "too bad for you". I've been around and around with Amazon, Roku, and their distributor who's company name is Sheths.... Read more

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BAD CUSTOMER SUPPORT. bad product dcp reverification needed often just like xbox. black screen of death often bad remote controls for game, turn sideways come on. few 2 player games. games are slightly better than Nintendo nes! B u F f e r- I-n.n.gggg xbox and roku three thmbz down!!! I'm thinking tiger stream,........ the following is just to fill the 100 words requirement to just leave this review now that's almost as *** as roku, Wanna hear... Read more

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The pairing button does nothing and remote will not worke followed 5 procedures in website junk I have 5 roku sticks they all suck remote issues constantly factory reset takes hours then the remote stops working again and you have to start over if you want to spend your days off of work fixing stuff over and over again pairing and unsparing and setting up accounts over and over on the same device then this thing is for you my friend even at... Read more

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I ordered Hard Eight on Sunday 4-3. Movie started played two minutes. Then screen went black. Sound continued. Called Roku and Fandango go....was left on hold both places for 20 minutes then message came on telling me they could not help at this time. To leave my Name and Phone #. I called again Monday at 12 and at 5...left on hold for 15 minutes got same message. These people just do not care...Stil not response from refund for the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Roku
  • Apr 03
  • #822753

Yes, was having issues with Roku for some time on my & the kids too. Poor service wanting to charge $$ for help or use chat. Really!!! Will not recommend to no one, will try to use another brand Add comment

Have google chrome much cheaper and can stream free tv from phone. Just down load ABC, NBC , etc and you stream shows. Don't buy this I it is awful and huge rip off there is nothing free. I signed up for free stations like ABC ETC and each one seems to charge you for a season or show. Don't buy it.cant find one station that doesn't cost something. Either that or it's so difficult to use the average guy can't figure it out. Oh yea you... Read more

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Do to high call volume in the service support, they only can send an email. Problem 1 high call volume! Problem 2 overseas call and could only understand every 4th word! Problem 3 try to sell extended warranty to something I just bought that does not work! Problem 4 still waiting for email. What a horrible experience!!!! A steaming device that does not stream. Amazon is way better!! I hope this changes one or many peoples decision... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Roku
  • Mar 28
  • #818325

The roku se is absolute trash. The setup is annoying, and the Netflix app doesn't even support profiles or other basic stuff every other device supports. This is the last roku product i well ever buy. Add comment

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